Passover Peace

We’ve been through a lot over the last year. 2020’s Passover celebration was really anything but celebratory. That was then, this is now. Passover starts this Saturday night and after basically missing the holiday last year, what can we do in 2021 to make it the most meaningful seder we’ve had?  Can a year of COVID help us be more grateful? It’s possible!


The Jewish Jesus - Part 6


WWJD? We’ve spent the last 5 weeks understanding what He would do—No, even better, what He did. That question has been answered. It’s in the Gospels. There’s a more important question—once we know what Jesus did, what are we going to do? The series' conclusion offers some insights and encouragement for our journey together in Messiah.

The Jewish Jesus - Part 5

Lord Of The Sabbath

Did Jesus have the authority to change the Sabbath? The answer seems obvious, right? Ever heard it said that Jesus was a rebel, intent on tearing down traditions of men, and at war with the Jewish leaders of his time? Maybe you’ve also noticed that one of the main topics where Jesus seemed to come to blows with the Jewish leadership of his day was the Sabbath? He’d had enough of bondage and legalism that the common people were being put under and he was going to turn over some tables and fix the problem. And why not? After all, he’s Lord of the Sabbath. But this answer has serious implications that you might not have heard about. This message will make sure you do.

The Jewish Jesus - Part 4

His Jewish Message

Last week we considered the background of Jesus teaching by looking at the Jewish root from which it sprung. This message discusses some specific examples — Sabbath, dietary laws, and even the message of the Gospel itself — to show how Jesus’ words stayed connected with the word of God spoken in Torah. And maybe more importantly, to show that he never set out to change what God has previously said, only to return his people to it.