Is Our Hope In Heaven?

Part 12: Judged By Their Deeds

The Great White Throne. Judgment in Revelation makes it clear that deeds have something to do with our last moments before our final destiny is announced. Judgment of the wicked makes sense but why would believers be there? This message explores the full significance of deeds for the righteous, the wicked, and the controversial “in-betweeners” with a final look at eternal judgment.


Is Our Hope In Heaven?

Part 11:  Salvation For All?

Eternal fire that burns, conditional immortality of the soul, oh my! We’re hitting the heavy stuff but there’s more to consider. Does God make a way for all to be saved? Meet the universalists.

Is Our Hope In Heaven?

Part 10:  Burn In Hell

What happens after judgment? Particularly to the wicked? History offers a broad set of answers to this question, falling mainly within three theological camps. We’ll investigate a couple of them in this teaching.

Is Our Hope In Heaven?

Part 9:  The Formation of Hell

Thus far we’ve considered some of the early formations of the belief in the afterlife from a Jewish perspective. But these beliefs and theological attitudes began to change at some point in the early history of the believing community of disciples. One of our main developments centered on the fate of the wicked. This week continues our look at these emerging ideas and how they contributed to the formation of hell as it is known today.