Is Our Hope In Heaven?

Part 6: The Bosom of Abraham

The story of The Rich Man and Lazarus in Abraham’s Bosom has often been identified as the definitive picture of the afterlife according to Yeshua. From the idea of the “harrowing of hell” to the basis for belief in eternal conscious torment, so many post-mortem perspectives have been hatched here. Is this Yeshua’s final word on final destiny? We’ll see!


Confessions Of An Addict

True Confessions. True Answers.

Believe it or not, most people are addicted to something. It may not be drugs or alcohol. It could be television, Facebook, Snapchat or a smart phone. What makes us addicted to these things and how can we turn those cravings into something positive? How can recognizing and confronting those addictions help us become better disciples of Yeshua?

Is Our Hope In Heaven?

Part 5: Paradise & Punishment

Hades, Sheol, Tartarus, Hell, Gehenna … it’s all very confusing. How do we know what’s up? Well, we need to go down to figure out what’s up! This message takes a look at a prominent perspective in 2nd Temple Judaism on what awaits the soul after death.

Is Our Hope In Heaven?

Part 4: Sheol, A Place For The "Dead"

When you begin to dig into it, the concept of the New Testament “hell” becomes quite confusing. To understand it, we need to investigate an earlier understanding of death and the hereafter as described in Jewish thought from the Tanach.