Hanukkah & The Borg

A Call To Resistance

"Resistance is Futile" - This famous line from the popular Star Trek television series was not coined by the Borg, but was the battle cry of Antiochus IV, the antagonist of the #Hanukkah story. Well, maybe not, but you'll definitely see the correlation in this inspirational message for Hanukkah!




Party Like Jesus!

Connecting Disciples to God's Holy Days

Part 3 - Yeshua & The Spring Festivals

As we’ve observed thus far, the biblical festivals are a gift from God to his people. They are times of connection and celebration. But they also tell a miraculous story—a story of redemption that was and redemption that will be. This story begins with the spring festivals.

Party Like Jesus!

Connecting Disciples to God's Holy Days

Part 2 - The Departure

If we believe the Bible, it’s an indisputable fact that God identified days of celebration and remembrance for His people. And yet, the majority of the followers of Jesus have no connection to these days. There are identifiable (and disturbing) historical and political reasons for this, though they are not often discussed. There was a separation from the original path and students of the Bible should know why.

Party Like Jesus!

Connecting Disciples to God's Holy Days

Part 1 - Introduction

God has special days—no, they're more than special, they’re holy. He established these holy days and called His people to celebrate them. Jesus did. His disciples did. So, what happened? Where did they go? They’re still here and always will be. This series will help you rediscover them.


"Party Like Jesus!" is a series specifically designed to introduce people to the calendar Jesus would have lived by. Want to learn more about the biblical calendar and how the festivals all work together to paint a picture of God's character and His plan for us? Join us each week in this multi-part series for an eye-opening experience that will forever change how you look at the biblical calendar and festivals.