Real Repentance

Part 5: Practice Makes Progress

When it comes to making resolutions to change, sometimes it feels like a losing battle, a hopeless cause. We look back at the list we made the year before and think, "What's changed?" But if haven't given up, but continued the struggle, we'll eventually see something on our list that has changed. It may be small, but it's progress. And a little progress over time can go a long way to changing your habits and ultimately your identity.




Real Repentance – Part 4

What Is Sin?

Is all of humanity damned by default because of original sin? This is what traditional Christianity teaches. But what does Judaism teach and where should Messianic Judaism land on the topic? This controversial message addresses this subject going all the way back to the very definition of sin.

Real Repentance – Part 3

Action vs. Identity

Too often we try to break bad habits or change patterns of behavior but fail. Why is this? Maybe it's because we haven't dealt with the root of it all: our identity.

Real Repentance – Part 2

People of Progress

It’s the season for making improvement. It’s important to have a realistic expectation of what we can accomplish in the process. Perfection is always a goal, but progress is a valuable step along the way.