Is Our Hope In Heaven?

Part 1: The Confusion

Where do we go when we die? This is THE question for so many people through the ages. It’s the question on the lips of the evangelist to the lost soul, “If you died today, do you know where you would end up?” And by most accounts, there are two answers—Heaven or Hell. This challenging, and likely controversial, series will evaluate and question what you think you know about life after death, heaven and hell, and eternal destiny.


Got Milk? Part 12

Laying On Of Hands

The Fourth elementary principle is about the "laying on of hands." Simple, right? That’s how people get healed … Maybe there’s more to discuss?

Israel Matters

Is Israel really the aggressor in the Middle East conflict? Is Israel really an apartheid state? Do Palestinians have any rights in Israel? Are Jews pulling the strings behind the economic rise and fall of nations the world over? Let's have some honest answers to these questions, rather than the uninformed social media bantering that has made its mark on millions of impressionable minds. Let's discover the truth about Israel and why Israel matters in God's economy.

Evidence Of The Spirit

Part 5: The Fruit of the Spirit

This is really what it all comes down to: What do we do with the Spirit we have received? All the talk of theology, history, and practice is useful in identifying how we’ve gotten to the current point of many people’s understanding of that answer. There are some problems with it as discussed. But what should the body of believers look like when the Spirit is functioning as intended. What does the fruit of the Spirit mean for us today?