From Pinchas To Paul

Is it ever okay to be zealous for God's Torah? Didn't God deliver Paul from that by showing him that grace has superseded law? Or are we missing something very important here? How does Yeshua's command to love co-exist with zeal for God's Torah? It's critical we understand this important message.




Hey! What's The Zeal Here?

Moses demonstrates zeal by a striking a rock and is punished. Pinchas zealously spears two people and is rewarded. Seems like a contradiction right? This week we’ll learn about zeal from a still, small voice with a lot to teach.

Moses' Trouble

Part 4: The Rock

After the incident with Korach and the budding of Aaron’s staff, we have hope that the people have had their last complaining session. But then, they’re thirsty again and Moses and Aaron are faced with another uprising which results in one of the sadder moments in all of the Torah. Moses ends up striking the rock rather than speaking to it as he was instructed. It’s the culmination of Moses’ trouble, filled with lessons we must all learn.

The Red Heifer In Your Pocket

The laws of purity and impurity, and especially the strange rituals of the Red Heifer can be completely foreign to most people in our day and age. But we should learn about them because of this little known fact: unknowingly, every disciple of Yeshua has a Red Heifer in our pocket. Want to know more? Join us for this thought-provoking teaching on the Torah portion of Chukat.