It's a common statement in conversations with the people of God today. They're reading and studying the Bible and finding things that just don't jive with what they've always been taught. Something is missing.


Why does the Bible say this or that? Why does God say we should do certain things that we don't do? Why does it seem like the Old Testament takes a back seat to the New? Isn't the whole Bible the Word of God? What about the Sabbath and the other biblical festivals? Should they matter to us? What about these difficult statments that Jesus makes all over the Gospels? Why don't we talk about these things?

At Shalom Macon, we do talk about them. That's what makes us unique. When we study and understand the Bible within the Jewish framework in which it was written, remarkable things happen to our relationship with God's word and more importantly, with the Creator himself. 


Here, we understand that the Bible simply cannot be understood in all its beautiful depth without the Jewish-roots foundation that undergirds the faith of the followers of Jesus.  This community is all about asking the tough questions and searching out the Scriptures to find the answers and to talk about them and learn together. Those answers might be different than what you've heard before and those revelations may help you to find the very things that you've been missing all along. 


A community committed to seek first the kingdom, spread the knowledge of God, and raise disciples for Messiah


Studying God's word is the highest form of worship. It equips us to walk out the will of God in our lives and demonstrate love and compassion to a world in need.


Building relationships throughout the community is vital to the Kingdom. People are God's highest priority and they should matter to us.


Developing personal spiritual maturity as followers of Jesus is necessary if we hope to grow the Kingdom and make new disciples. It is our calling and our task.


I am a Jewish follower of Jesus. Having lived my formative years in Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Jewish communities, I maintain a strong connection to Judaism, both in tradition and practice, just like the Messiah that I follow. I share those truths with all who God brings in my path.


As a strong supporter of Israel and a committed opponent of antisemitism and replacment theology, my mission as rabbi at Shalom Macon is to educate the world about the ongoing importance of the Jewish people, the Land of Israel, and relevance of the Torah for all people of God, Jew and Gentile, one in Messiah.


Having served in ministry for nearly 20 years, including 10 as the leader of Shalom Macon, experience has taught me the vital importance of allowing people to come as they are, be challenged along the way, and experience the amazing journey of new perspectives as we dig deep into the well of God's Word. 

I have seen lives transformed and reconnected to God in profound and powerful ways through Messiainc Judaism. Jesus gave me a new perspective on Judaism and on life itself. I live to share that with others. I would love to meet you sometime soon at Shalom Macon.

- Rabbi Damian Eisner


Shalom Macon is a community built on diversity. One of our fundamental beliefs is that there must be a basic level of freedom and openness to discuss the things of God. Human beings are not robots. We think. We feel. We express. We learn. It is in the learning and connecting together, even if we have different opinions at times, that we make room to grow 

With that said, a foundation will always be necessary. These are the basic truths upon which we build our mission and message of an inclusive Messianic Judaism, Jew and Gentile, one in Messiah.. 


Great news! We're looking forward to meeting you. Since you're brand new to the synaogue we want to help you feel right at home.

We encourage you to plan you visit below. Let us know you're coming and we'll be ready to roll out the red carpet for you when you arrive.

If you still have questions, we can help with that too.